Roentgen Router

BRIT's Roentgen Router is designed to store DICOM studies and send them to other locations based on user-established rules. It is sold as a stand- alone product and is also included in all Roentgen Files Server configurations. Rules can be based on information from within the study or, in an environment where the system receives orders, information from within the order. This information includes:

     1. Modality Type
     2. Specific Modality
     3. Body Region
     4. CPT code
     5. Patient Location

The Dr. Pal feature sends studies using a round-robin algorithm, but sends all studies for the same patient to the same location so they can be viewed by the same radiologist.

The Roentgen Route can also select DICOM studies from DICOM servers as comparison studies and send them to other DICOM Locations. This is normally helpful for primary diagnosis applications.

Routes can be scheduled to start and stop which is useful for sending studies to a night reading service. Studies can be queued during set time frames for sending at a later time. This is useful for sending studies only during off-hours.

Comparison studies from DICOM servers can be selected based on user-selected criteria and forwarded along with the new study.

All routes are monitored, reasons for failures are provided, resends can be automated and alerts can be sent to system managers.

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