ER Discordance - Benefits

  • Documents Initial Diagnosis of ER Doctors
    • Via workstation API OR
    • Direct entry from web-page / with built in medical image browser
  • Communicates Diagnosis to Radiologists at their workstations
  • Allows radiologists to document their degree of agreement / disagreement
    • Via workstation API OR
    • Direct entry from web page
  • Instigates Urgent Finding Workflow for Strongly Disagrees
  • Documents ER Doctor's review of radiologist's entry
  • Provides management reports on process

RWDT can be readily implemented within any workflow environment: it builds a patient worklist via either an HL-7 interface to a department’s order entry system or via DICOM by regenerating order information from a study’s DICOM header meta data. Reading clinicians log in through any Internet browser and enter their diagnosis, which automatically triggers a choice of agrees, disagrees or strongly disagrees. Based on whether there is agreement or disagreement, the ER is contacted via phone, FAX or email. The recipients of a message are determined from the ordering physician and patient location in the order. Each have a log-on to the system where they can manage their own contact information and establish the rules for how to contact them based on the severity of the test or test results. All messages and actions by all clinicians are recorded in the history log.

    Why you'll love this system:
  • Meets Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goal Objective #2
  • One of the fastest interfaces in the industry; driven by AJAX Web technologies, all systems update in real-time. Can easily and quickly flag results between ordering and referring physicians.
  • Can interface with department’s HL-7 ordering system or via DICOM
  • or converted to audio and auto-calls the ordering physician – lets the computer do the dialing.
  • 100% Browser-based, no installation on users’ computers.
  • BRIT Phone can connect clinicians with the Radiologist
  • End-users responsible for setting up their own contact policy.
  • Easily customized screens for individual users.
  • Audit trail – available to all users
  • Also runs BRIT’s Critical Results Reporting Tool to communicate urgent findings.

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