BRIT QC Workbench

The BRIT QC Workbench provides DICOM modality worklist support and a quality control function for modalities that support DICOM store. The QC Workbench provides a DICOM Storage SCP for modalities where exams can be matched with orders, exam information can be corrected and images can be selected or reoriented before stored onto the permanent archive.

After being stored onto the QC Workbench, exams are automatically matched with the orders that have been received by the QC Workbench from the modality worklist server. For those exams that cannot be matched automatically, a list is provided to the technologist. The technologist then selects the correct match or selects to store the exam without a match being made.

The QC Workbench provides selection of easy-to-use tools for:

  • Selecting or rejecting individual images
  • Correcting orientation of images
  • Selecting default window and level settings
  • Correcting demographic information


QC Workbench

Upon completion of the QC procedure, exams are stored to a DICOM server using DICOM store SCU. The solutions can also be configured to support DICOM JPEG compression transfer syntaxes for those systems environments where the images must be transmitted across slow communication lines, such as in teleradiology solutions.

Modality Worklist services require a modality worklist server.

Also see browser based QC workbench