Products and Services

BRIT Systems provides solutions for PACS, RIS and teleradiology based on the latest industry standards. BRIT can supply everything a department needs for the reading, diagnosis, transmission, storage and remote viewing of medical images as well as support, integration and training services.

Roentgen Works Suite of Products

Roentgen Works is a next-generation radiology IT platform from BRIT Systems that uses the latest Internet technologies for managing medical imaging. Roentgen Works is a 100% Browser based Vendor Neutral PACS/Archive built upon a scalable, redundant cluster. Thanks to it's small footprint and use of virtualization, dynamic scaling and cloud computing, Roentgen Works provides a cost effective solution for vitually any facility, from very small clinics to the most demanding distributed enterprises.

The Roentgen Works Suite of Products includes:

Roentgen Files Enterprise Products

Roentgen Files is BRIT Systems' industrial strength enterprise PACS/RIS. Roentgen Files is built upon products that are respected by IT professionals like IBM's AIX, DB2 and TSM and RedHat Linux. Roentgen Files uses High Availability Servers and SANs to ensure the safety of your data.

The Roentgen Files Suite of Products includes:

Diagnostic and Referral Medical Image Viewers

All of BRIT Systems' Medical Image Viewers are built for ease-of-use and speed. These multi-modality viewers also include multi-fram images and provide access to Patients, Reports and Critical Results (via BRIT's UrgentWorks). We offer a variety of viewers to suit your particular need.
  • BRIT Vision Viewer
  • BRIT Vision is our high volume, FDA Cleared diagnostic viewer. BRIT Vision Workstations are built on the Linux platform using monitors approved for diagnostic viewing of patient images. BRIT Vision Mammography Workstations are optimized for viewing breast imaging studies.
  • PACS View Viewer
  • BRIT Systems' PACS View is a software application that runs on the Microsoft Windows platform. PACS View is FDA Cleared for viewing of diagnostic images and supports multi-monitor configurations and advanced viewing functions.
  • WebWorks Viewer
  • WebWorks is a 100% Browser based viewer that is part of Roentgen Works. WebWorks operates on all major viewers and does not require a plug-in or Flash. It provides advanced viewing capabilities without the need for a dedicated workstation.
  • DoctorWorks iPad App
  • DoctorWorks is an iPad application that offers viewing of medical images and access to patients folders. DoctorWorks accesses data via the Roentgen Works server and offers all the same capabilities of WebWorks with the added feature of caching studies locally to an iPad for offline use.

Acquisition Devices and Other Tools

BRIT Systems also offers additional tools and acquisition devices for a complete medical imaging solution. These include: