SpeechWorks - Digital Reporting Solutions

SpeechWorks is a Roentgen Works application that supports the workflow required for a radiologist to produce a report via a variety of means and for the report to be made available to end users. Utilizing Roentgen Works, each facility supported by the radiology group can have a different header placed on their reports; each user can custom set up the report demographics information and decide how to receive the report: fax, email link or just log on and view it. From within Roentgen Works, the user can view the report as a PDF and also print it. The radiologist can create a report via dictation and transcription, voice recognition, via canned reports or combinations of any of these.

BRIT’s family of Digital Reporting Tools, SpeechWorks, is an array of offerings that all include SpeechWork's workflow architecture and canned reports. The offerings are:

  • SpeechWorks Basic – Utilizes an integrated VR engine, such as Dragon or MacSpeech Medical for creation of the report. Or use your own transcription tool and cut and paste the report into the report field.
  • SpeechWorks Dictation - intelligent recording of the radiologist’s dictation and transcription tools with additional workflow statuses and steps. Also supports voice control of Vision workstations.
  • SpeechWorks VR (Voice Recognition) – Voice recognition addition to Dictation, including the option of using a transcriptionist. The only difference between SpeechWorks Dictation and VR is the underlying support for use of a radiologist’s lexicon, updating the vocabularies and storage and resetting of voice profiles (i.e. Dictation uses the VR engine underneath it, although this may be hidden from the radiologist).
  • Report Distribution