About Us

Founded in 1993, BRIT is a pioneer of modern imaging solutions for the healthcare enterprise. Our single-image cloud solution drives reliability, efficiency and flexibility across your entire enterprise ecosystem.

The BRIT Systems Advantage

Over 1 million studies managed annually in our cloud solution

60 customers across 120 locations in US and abroad

Market Conditions

As market conditions become more volatile, radiology providers need to be aggressive in finding ways to become more efficient and resilient.

However, most radiology providers today are hampered by:

Multiple technology vendors and integrations
money up
Rising licensing costs
Outdated technology stack

Increasing Speed, Reliability and Flexibility

BRIT helps you survive and thrive.

BRIT Systems helps you drive down costs without compromising on the quality, reliability and accessibility of imaging studies.

Single-image cloud-based solution for entire imaging ecosystem, built on today’s most modern technologies
money in hand
Strong price-to-value
Eliminate integrations (and relationships) required for image management, with comprehensive hospital system integration capabilities
Increase optionality, purchase one or multiple modules now and flip the switch on future modules, requiring no implementation time
Access across any device through a zero-footprint, web-based solution