Radiology Information System Module

Value-added Scheduling Capabilities

With a rapid order entry system and increased patient scheduling accessibility, this BRIT offering drives value-based care by boosting efficiency and improving patient and physician experience.

Full-Featured Functionality

BRIT’s radiology information system (RIS) module is packed with features that make it the most functional option to help clinical departments schedule imaging studies, including functions that allow you to view available procedure-compatible rooms at multiple sites.


What else can this module do?

Easily schedule for any date
See room availability for multiple sites
Filter rooms by procedure compatibility and availability
View multiple rooms side by side
Block times when a room is unavailable
Color-code room types to view status at a glance
Radiology Information System Moduleteam of providers

A Flexible, Efficient Solution

Flexibility drives efficiency, and efficiency drives care value for both facilities and patients. With industry-standard vendor-agnostic integrations, our RIS module can seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure, reducing implementation time.

team of providers team of providers

Increased Accessbility

The RIS module’s browser-based application increases accessibility across the practice, with no need to purchase new hardware. This application delivers a collaborative patient-scheduling system that improves efficiency and throughput, driving value both for hospitals and patients, as well as a rapid order-entry system that leads to satisfied referring physicians.

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