PACS Module

Simplified, Single-Level Data Management

With comprehensive modality support, BRIT’s picture archiving and communication system (PACS) module empowers radiologists with technology and built-in tools that ensure high-quality patient care.

Efficiency delivers value to both facilities and patients

The PACS module’s zero-footprint, web-based viewer enables access to patient images and other important data across any device, delivering a level of flexibility that boosts efficiency.


What else can this module do?

Timeline showing all prior exams available to the system
Series icons for easy navigation within an exam
Full diagnostic-quality viewer with multi-screen support
Customizable toolbar buttons for quick feature access
Centered image

Efficiency and Value

Part of our single-image cloud solution, our PACS module features single-level data storage that minimizes load time for prior studies as well as easy-to-use tools that simplify case routing configuration and customization. Simplified case routing means faster study delivery, more value delivered to patients and a better overall patient experience.

radiology tech preps patient radiology tech preps patient

No Downtime Implementation

As with all of BRIT’s offerings, the Enterprise Image Distribution module is easily integrated with your existing infrastructure, meaning little to no downtime for implementation.

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