VNA Module

Standardized Information Management

Capable of matching patients to their information across multiple attributes, this BRIT’s vendor neutral archive (VNA) module enables facilities to manage the most important patient information both regardless of where it originated and without requiring a consistent patient ID from one facility to the next.

A Fully Scalable and Seamlessly Integrated Image Archiving Solution

Part of our single-image cloud solution, BRIT’s VNA helps drive reliability, efficiency and flexibility across radiology ecosystems.


Search and Discovery

This module features a powerful search and discovery tool capable of combing information across a large quantity of sites, making it suitable for facilities and health systems of any size.

radiologist research radiologist research

Customizable Retention Protocol

The VNA’s fully customizable retention protocols mean your facility can rest assured that images and other important patient information are retained based on the highest institutional standards.

radiologist reads patient images radiologist reads patient images

No Downtime Implementation

As with all of BRIT’s offerings, the VNA module is easily integrated with your existing infrastructure, including external imaging systems, meaning little to no downtime for implementation.

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