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Value-based Radiology Solutions

Our single cloud-based solution helps you consolidate your facility or health system’s radiology services under one contract and drive down costs without compromising the quality, reliability or accessibility of imaging studies. Contact Us


Explore the modules contained in our cloud-based solution to see how each creates value for our partner facilities and their patients.

radiology information system


Radiology Information System

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picture archiving and communication system


Picture Archiving and Communication System

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vendor neutral archive


Vendor Neutral Archive

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enterprise image distribution

Enterprise Image Distribution

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reporting intelligence

Reporting & Intelligence

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quality control

Quality Control

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One Solution Customized to Your Needs

No radiology solution is one-size-fits-all. We recognize that our full suite of services may be more than some facilities require, so we’ve made our services fully customizable. The best part? Whether you decide to start with just one module or multiple modules, once any of our services are implemented in your facility, any additional modules you may need can be made available to you with the flip of a switch, with no additional implementation time.

radiologists sitting at a table radiologists sitting at a table radiologists sitting at a table
patient talking to radiologist

Emphasized Value for Patients

BRIT’s radiology product suite allows facilities and health systems to reduce duplicative or redundant integrations required for image management in favor of a single integration with our cloud-based solution. Consolidating services in this manner reduces noise not only for hospitals and radiologists, but for patients as well. Our platform’s sophisticated case-routing rules ensure read quality and deliver results to patients faster while our easy-to-access web-based viewer makes it easier for patients to access their results from wherever they are the minute those results enter the portal.

patient talking to radiologist patient talking to radiologist

Optimized Quality and Accessibility

Our product suite leverages modern technologies and tools that empower clinicians to ensure high-quality patient care and optimal patient experience.

digital workspaces
Shared digital workspaces enable real-time collaboration among radiologists, technologists and practice operators.
customizable reports
Prefabricated and customizable reports give you the insight to pinpoint roadblocks, improve performance and deliver results to patients quickly.
case routing platform
Customizable, precise, case routing platforms allow you to route images to any external system, while our solution’s built-in web-based viewer gives patients access to their images online via PC or any mobile device.