Worklist Module

Increased Collaboration and Radiology Productivity

Featuring an intuitive user interface, this BRIT offering fosters teammate engagement and camaraderie while boosting care value by creating a digital space in which radiology teams can collaborate to efficiently complete and deliver studies.

A Powerful Tool for Optimal Care Value

Collaboration means efficiency, and efficiency adds value for both facilities and patients. BRIT’s Worklist module is packed with features that make it the most functional option for facilities or health systems looking to add value to care.


Efficient Workflow

The Worklist module allows administrative users to quickly tailor assignment engines to categorize reads and deliver them to the right radiologist or subspecialist, ensuring that images move through your facility’s workflow in an efficient manner and potentially decreasing turnaround times (TAT).

radiologist leads team radiologist leads team

Tailored Views

The module’s interface also includes unique worklist views tailored to key roles across radiology practices, including views for radiologists, technologists and PACS administrators. These tailored views make it easier for users to find the information they need quickly.

radiology worklist radiology worklist

What else can this module do?

Customizable, sortable search results which can be easily exported
Quick glance icons to know which studies still need reports
Quick view of remaining SLA can be used to sort the worklist
Customizable toolbar buttons for quick feature access
BRIT system worklist BRIT system worklist

No Downtime Implementation

As with all of BRIT’s offerings, the VNA module is easily integrated with your existing infrastructure, including external imaging systems, meaning little to no downtime for implementation.

radiology tech smiles radiology tech smiles